SHIRDI – The Melting Pot

While reading about ‘Issac Zangwill’, I came across one of his most interesting work, a play – The Melting Pot. The play was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s work, Romeo and Juliet. It was a love story in which a Jewish Russian protagonist falls in love with a fellow Cristian immigrant in the United States and how they fight all odds to become one. More than the story what made me curious was the name of the play. I wanted to know why he decided to name the play ‘The Melting Pot’.

I started my research and I found out that Melting Pot is a phrase used to describe a situation in which heterogeneous cultures come/melt together to form a homogenous culture. So using this word as a metaphor gave Issac a perfect title for his story.  Technically India can also be called a Melting Pot. I increased my interest in the subject and tried to find out a place that would be a perfect synonym for this phrase. The first place that came to my mind was ‘SHIRDI’.

From a place that was just a dot on the map that was hard to find to one of the biggest pilgrim destination in the country this town has come a long way. This might also be the only place that is visited equally by the followers of two of the biggest religions in the country – The Hindus and The Muslims. The entire credit goes to the divine ‘Sai Baba’.

Sai Baba was a spiritual preacher who lived during the 18th century and had followers from all sects of the society. He was worshiped by his devotees as a ‘Fakir’ and ‘Satguru’ depending on their individual proclivities and beliefs. There is a lot of mystery surrounding his birth and his childhood and much of it is either assumed or still unknown. As per documented history, he is believed to arrive at Shirdi at the age of 16. He would meditate for hours sitting under a neem tree and attracted a lot of attention. After staying in Shirdi for three years, one day he mysteriously left the town and returned after a year. Around this time he adopted his famous dressing style of a one piece Kafni robe and a cloth cap. This attire gave him an appeal of a Muslim Fakir which led to discrimination against him in a dominantly Hindu village. Even tough he had a Muslim attire his teachings of love, sacrifice, charity, devotion, contentment and forgiveness were inspired equally from The Quran and The Bhagavadgita. His trademark message – ‘Sabka Malik Ek’ which literally means ‘Everyone Has One Master’ clearly signifies that he did not believe in any form of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, sex, etc. He named the Mosque that he stayed in as Dwarakamayi and transformed it into a symbol of equality.

All his deeds created an existence of a parallel lifestyle which was a melodious melange of two completely different cultures and this transformed SHIRDI into a Melting Pot. Even today Lakhs of visitors from all section of the society visit this holy shrine every year to seek his blessing. So if this piece has made you curious to know more about the place its time to pack your bag.

Facts and Figures:

    • Details: Shirdi, Taluka – Rahata, District – Ahmednagar, State – Maharastra.


  • Best Mode of Travel: By road from Pune (200 KM) or Ahmednagar (90 KM)


  • Best Day to Visit: Thursday
  • Things to do:
    • Visit to the holy shrine
    • Malpani Water Park
    • Visit Shani Shignapur

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8 things that you can do to make taxi rides more delightful for your passengers

In today’s world of cut­throat competition when everyone is offering a same type of product at almost the same price, what is going to make a difference, is the delight factor that you provide to your customer along with your product. What is that something extra that you are going to provide that will make your customer choose you over your competitors. Finding an answer to this question is a key to success for every business. This formula is applicable to every industry in the current scenario including transport. If you are an owner of a taxi service or a cabbie these below 8 tips will help you create that extra something.

1. Greet your customer with a smile

Greeting your customer when he enters your car is the best way to start the journey. It breaks the ice between you and your customer and makes him a little more comfortable. It also helps in starting a fruitful conversation.

2. Stock some newspapers in your car

Generally, whenever when a passenger sits in your car he is desperate to reach his destination because he has nothing fruitful to do to kill his time. Reading a newspaper can really be a productive activity to undertake in such a situation. Offer your customer a range of newspaper in different languages. This can be a delightful experience for your passenger at the same time you are not going to spend a bomb buying them.

3. Pile­up your music library

Listening to music is the most common activity that a passenger would like to do when he is on his ride. So what better than offering him with the taste of music that he enjoys rather than force feeding him with some random songs. It’s important to pile up you library with a range of songs from different genres and offer the same to the passenger before you start for his destination.

4. Offer a charging infrastructure to your passengers

All have of us have faced this situation in which we had to make a really important call or reply to an important mail but our phone battery drained. Wouldn’t it be a delight if, in such situation, someone could offer us a charging space? You can create this delight by offering your customers, an infrastructure to charge their devices.

5. Hygienic Drinking Water

According to the Indian culture, quenching someone’s thirst is the most sacred act one can undertake. Offering hygienic drinking water can not only be an unexpectedly amusing experience for your passenger but also help you achieve his loyalty for a long time to come.

6. Maintain cleanliness and your car’s health

Make sure you dispose of all the trash after each ride. Also, keep a regular check on your car’s health. A cleaner environment can provide a pleasing experience to your passenger while a healthy car can offer a sense of safety.

7. Give up on some change

All of us have seen drivers and passengers fighting for hours on petty issues like change. An unwanted fight at the end of a good ride can spoil all the fun. Hence, if you are a cabbie make sure you carry enough change to avoid getting into such situation and if you are falling short, be generous enough to give up on some change. This will provide the passenger some psychological glee at the same time enhance his experience further.

8. Take your passengers feedback

Honest feedback from your passengers can provide you with great insights. Always take a feedback from your customer at the end of his journey about how his ride was, what are the things that they want you to change, is there any scope for improvement, etc.

All these suggestions, if executed together can make convert your passenger to a life long customer.

Have a splash of fun this summer at these water parks!

pune to imagica

Summer is in full force with the temperature hitting unforgiving heights each passing day! But worry not; we have the perfect solution to beat the heat! While nothing compares to chilling at the beach, playing in a wave pool after some adrenaline-packed rides comes pretty close! We bring you a list of parks that is every water baby’s dream. Book a Loco Cab now and cool off with friends and family while having the time of your life!

Adlabs Aquamagica, Pune

Absolute must try: Loopy Woopy, Swirl Whirl

Damages:  Adult- Rs.1099; Kids- Rs. 999; Senior Citizen- Rs. 599

Location: Khopoli on Mumbai-Pune expressway


Water kingdom, Mumbai 

Absolute must try: What a Coaster, Wetlantic wave pool

Damages: Adults- Rs. 999; Kids- Rs. 699; Senior citizen- Rs. 399

Location: Borivali West, Gorai, Mumbai, 400091, Maharashtra


Aquatica, Kolkata

Absolute must try: Black Hole, Niagara Falls

Damages: Adult- Rs. 300; Kids- Rs. 200

Location: P.O Hathgachia, P.S. :K.L.C, Near Rajarhat Township,, Kolkata, West

Bengal 700156


Queensland, Chennai

Absolute must try: Himalayan Water slide, Free Fall Tower

Damages: Adults- Rs. 550; Kids- Rs. 450

Location: NH4, Palanjur, Chembarambakkam, Tamil Nadu 602103


Oysters Beach Water Park, Gurgaon

Absolute must try: Oh My Gurgaon, The Skyfall

Damages: Adults- Rs.1200 Kids- Rs. 600; Senior Citizens- Rs. 600

Location: Sector 29, Huda City Metro Station, Gurgaon, Haryana 122009


Wonderla, Bangalore

Absolute must try: Wavy and Vertical Fall, Jungle Lagoon

Damages: Adult- Rs. 1,150; Kids- Rs. 920

Location: 28th km, Mysore Road, Before Bidadi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109


Ocean Park, Hyderabad

Absolute must try: Pendulum, the Wave Pool

Damages: Adults- Rs. 350; Kids- Rs.230

Location: 168 & 169, Near Cbit College, Shankerpally Road, Gandipet, Hyderabad,

Telangana 500075


Funtasia Water Park, Patna

Absolute must try: Rain Dance, Slides

Damages: Rs. 450 per person

Location: Parsa Bazar – Sampatchak Rd, Sampatchak, Patna, Bihar 804453


Why is a cab ride better than taking your personal car to office?

What is the biggest concern for working professionals in today’s corporate world?

Coming from a corporate background, I have been asked this question ‘n’ number of times. To get an

answer or to find out a concern that is common to all, let’s analyse ourselves. Today we see that

most of us get up in the morning, rush through our morning course, skip our breakfast, pick our car,

fight our way through the worst traffic and reach office half dead with mind and body exhausted

completely. The zeal to have a productive day is already gone.

This situation gives you an answer to the above question – ‘Travel to Office’. It is a serious concern

for almost every individual, especially in the metros. It is a major factor considered by any individual

while choosing or not choosing a job. Most of us today want our travel to be convenient and

comfortable even if it means compromising on the monetary rewards.

Post the liberalization in the early 90’s, cars came into fashion. It became the most convenient and

comfortable mode of transport, but it was still a luxury enjoyed by a privileged few. The situation

changed over the period. Cars started getting more affordable. An enhancement in the standard of

living and increase in the purchasing power further contributed towards the expansion of this

segment. Today, cars are no more a luxury, they have become a necessity. As seen always, there is a

flip side to this development as well. The increase in the number of cars has added immense

pressure to the existing road transport system. Roads have become busier and less safe. Travel to

office is no less than going to a war. In such a critical situation, cab services have provided us with a

ray of hope. Booking your ride is the most convenient way to reach office in this war like situation

and I have my own reasons to prove the same.


Increasing fuel prices, growing interest rates and higher maintenance cost make cars an expensive

affair. On the other hand, an increase in competition has led to the fall in the cab fares. Sharing the

ride with your colleague can further contribute towards a reduction in your share. Hence, if you

make your calculations, highering a cab turns out to be cheaper when compared to riding your own



As I mentioned earlier, day by day roads are getting less safe. Personal stress and work pressure

have contributed toward making this situation even worse. In such a scenario what more do you ask

for than having a trained and skilled chauffeur at your service. Cab services provide you with this

luxury. You can just sit and relax in your passenger seat while the chauffeur faces all the stress.

Time Management

Today, we spend a considerable part of our day in travelling. In other words, we spend a

considerable part of our day honking, fighting, abusing and complaining about how road sense have

gone for a toss in our country. Imagine if you have the leisure to spend this time doing something

much more productive. Cab provides you with that opportunity. You can opt for many creative and

productive activities while you are in the passenger seat. Completing your pending work, making

important phone calls, cleaning your inbox, etc.

Ecological Benefits

Sharing a taxi ride can reduce the pressure on the existing system, lower the pollution levels and can

make the spaces greener. Maintaining ecological balance is the need of the hour and this can be

your small contribution towards the same.

All the above reason makes a taxi ride a preferred option for office travel. So next time you want to

enjoy a hassle-free travel book your cab through LOCO CABS.

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